Cardiovascular Exercise

Of all the jumping rope offers a great way for improved cardiovascular activity. It keeps the heart healthy while making your body toned and flexible. It’s a good alternative to going out to the gym. Here’s how:

This accessory is very affordable. You can purchase a rope of dependable quality for as little as .00

The affordability is not just for the price you pay, it also includes space affordability. Should you have sufficient space within the house you may carry this activity indoors, else use outdoors.

They are very convenient to carry. While traveling, carry it in your handbag or any piece of luggage and continue with your routine.

Jumping rope could burn as much as a thousand calories in an hour!

Selecting a good rope:

Leather jump ropes are highly durable. But, you should look for thick ropes with well designed handles that facilitate its handling.

The length of rope is very important criterion. It varies with the height of the user. Adjust the rope in such a manner that its middle remains in contact with the ground while you hold it by the handles. Now, bring your feet to the point where the rope is in touch with the ground. In such a posture the handles falling underneath the armpits confirm its suitability for you.

How best to avoid injuries while jumping rope:

As with any other exercise, you need to warm up before starting your exercise. It helps to undertake some stretching or jumping exercises, thus preparing you for your next series of exercises.

To avoid getting injuries, you should be using a pair of comfortable sports shoes that help protecting feet and other joints from wearing away.

Working out steps

Step 1- Hold the rope from the handles in such a manner that it touches the rear of your heels.

Step 2- Continue jumping and revolve the rope vertically around you.

Initial stage- As a beginner you should restrict your practice sessions to five minutes per day. Further, you are not advised to do it everyday. It suffices to do thrice a week.

Intermediate stage- Having continued it for four weeks, you may extend your time to ten minutes and keep it up to for five times a week.

Advanced stage- And finally, you come to this stage after four to six weeks of practice. Now you may extend the period of exercising to twenty or thirty minutes and undertake that five times a week.

If you are not too sure of any part of the exercise as mentioned above, it will be good to call upon a professional trainer who can surely demonstrate you how to jump rope. Before starting the routine, it will be desirable to have an assessment of your body type and stamina level by a fitness trainer to confirm if rope jumping will suit your kind of body.