If you want an exercise that will keep you in shape and that is good for your heart as well, consider tap dancing. The beauty of tap dancing is that the basic steps are easy to learn and you can add your own flair and touches to make it fun for you. Just 20 minutes of tap dancing three times per week is enough to improve your health and get you back into shape.

The first thing that you need for tap dancing is, of course, tap shoes. You can find tap shoes online or at a local dance store. Tap shoes have metal on the toes and heels that make a “tapping” sound when ever you stomp on them. You can also make your own tap shoes. You can basically use any shoe that you want to use from a dance shoe to boots. Once you have chosen your shoe, you can buy taps and put them on the bottom of your shoe. Before you put your taps in place permanently, make sure that they are on the correct place on your shoe as shoes have different soles and shapes.

You can learn tap dancing by taking a class or by teaching yourself with a video. Tap classes are available for all ages from toddlers to senior citizens. There are different types of classes as well. Some use jazz, others use big band type music and one of the most popular tap classes around now uses tapping with hip hop music. If you choose to learn to tap on your own, research videos before purchasing one. Read reviews and make sure that it is for beginners and also has the kind of music you like. The more a video is geared towards the type of music and exercise you want, the more likely you are to use it.

You need to use a solid surface for tap dancing. Taps can scratch hard wood floors, so you might want to purchase a sold surface to use when tapping. You can actually purchase hard “mats” for practicing your tap.

The more you use your arms, the better the cardiovascular workout. Be sure to do slow tapping at the beginning of your workout to warm-up and slow tapping at the end to cool down. The best way to strain muscles and injure yourself is to jump right into tapping without stretching or warming up. Tapping is excellent for coordination and balance as well. You can learn to tap on one foot or tap your feet alternately with your hands.

Tap dancing is a traditional dance that can be made contemporary by using popular music and more modern steps. It is a fun thing to do by yourself or to learn with a partner. A great cardiovascular workout and great way to keep in shape, tapping might be the perfect exercise option for you.